BlueMaarin’s Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Through manufacturing excellence, innovation, and experience, BlueMaarlin will deliver the highest quality products & services to its Clients.

Vision Statement

BlueMaarlin strives to be the leading manufacturer of products, plants, and services to the water treatment industry.

Our Values

BlueMaarlin recognizes the importance of our Consumers and our supply chain in their support of our mission and progress towards vision & understands that we must show professionalism, leadership & trustworthiness in order to provide this support. Our products and the service we provide must meet the needs of our customer and our wider environment. And we commit to provide products & services, which we source ethically and responsibly.

Who we are ?

Established in Pune MIDC, we’ve built our reputation on supplying what our customers need now, while our dedicated technical team works on what you’ll need in thefuture.

Trade merchants, original equipment manufacturers & specifiers continue to choose BlueMaarin’s outstanding products & Services.

A Strong Management

We have a decisive, agile and flexible decision-making process that creates improved communications and easier collaboration with all stakeholders.

We are Good Communicators

We believe that anything we say and do should be done graciously, with transparency and reliability. As an organization, we believe in well thought-out consistent growth and a consciously conservative approach. We are committed to investing in the business with initiatives directed at long-term sustainability.

We are customer oriented and constantly seek new technologies and product solutions. We endeavor to be creative and innovative in responding to problems, processes and solutions.

We believe in creating a learning organization that accepts change as a way of life.We believe in the values of leadership, teamwork, openness, trust and free flow of ideas.

BlueMaarin’s mission and philosophy consist of three parts: “ONE”, “STOP” and “SOLUTION”. Each part of the sentence refers to an essential element of how BlueMaarlin operates.

The first word “ONE” emphasizes that BlueMaarin’s mission is achieved together, through collaboration and teamwork (all in ONE and ONE for all). Everything you can find under one roof that is BMEPL.

The second word, “STOP”, refers to – all fruits in ONE Basket. We Supply, We Design, We install and we provide service. Efficient water treatments STOP for clients and Consumers.

Finally, “SOLUTION” refers to BlueMaarin’s attitude against dealing with problems and troubles that arise during the set course. BlueMaarlin responds anywhere without boundaries based on any water treatment trouble.

As a whole, the sentence spells out BlueMaarin’s mission and enthusiasm for working together to make the world a better place !


BlueMaarlin provides expertise coupled with solutions. Aiming to provide – “ONE STOP SOLUTION”, BlueMaarin’s operates and spreads its influence in two business lines:

               – Water Treatment – WTP Plant, UF, RO, MB, DM and Softener     

               – Waste Water Treatment – UF, RO, DM, Softener, STP and ETP components

The company provides equipment and services to 20 countries while more than 100 vessel- mounted systems have been delivered to customers worldwide.

BlueMaarlin, headquartered in Pune Maharashtra, has 3 subsidiaries around the India, which operate as regional hub.


Authorized dealers of Membrane HITEC – Ultra-Filtration.

Channel partners for CNP Pumps India Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized dealers for Amalgam Bacta Cult (Bio-Culture)

BlueMaarin’s Key products – RM MPV, PRoflex Diffusers, BluOZO(Ozonator), Aster Embark ph. , conductivity, ORP, DO, Chlorine, Flow , Magnetic Flow meters.