Bacta Cult – Anaerobic

Physical Properties
Appearance Off white colour
Odour Odourless
Moisture Content 7-8%
Mesh Size 0.5 mm

Performance properties
Self Life 2 years
Tempreature range 5-45 deg. C
Concentration Highly concentrated
Reactive rate 98% on addition to water


Bacta cult Anaerobic is a mixture of different natural and safe bacteria. These bacterias have ability to degrade the number of pollutants anaerobically. Bacteria in Bacta Cult Anaerobic is highly stable. These bacteria’s are available in powder form. Bacta cult Anaerobic are miroencapusulated and packged in dormant state and have 90% -95% reactivation within their shelf life which is two years. Each individual strain is isolated from the nature and carefully grown in our facility. Perfectly balanced formula of bacterial strain, such as Bacta cult anaerobic can provide you complete breakdown non toxic pollutants.

Bacta cult Anaerobic bioculture provides followling benefits 1)Provides source of highly anaerobic and faculatative cultures which stabalizes system. 2) Deagrades oil and grease, eliminating digester mats (esterase and lipase enzymes. 3) Allows effective startup of anaerobic facility 4) Improves digester system recovery after operational or inhibitory upset 5) Effective over wide range of temperature and pH