Bacta Cult – Diary

Physical Properties
Appearance Off white colour
Odour Odourless
Moisture Content 7-8%
Mesh Size 0.5 mm

Performance properties
Self Life 2 years
Tempreature range 5-45 deg. C
Concentration Highly concentrated
Reactive rate 98% on addition to water


Bacta Cult Bioculture combines selected, adapted microbial strains which improves waste degradation capabilities in dairy effluent. It contains anaerobic and facultative organic compounds from nature that are able to break down broad range of organic compounds occurred in diary waste water. Diary water often generates odours and high BOD waste water.

Over the period of time diary has grown very big and the diary products are have become necessary products for consumer. Diary produces processed milk, ghee, butter, cheese, yogurt, milk powder etc by processing raw milk. It carries various hitting, chilling, pasteurization and homogenization that generates the waste water which is simply diluted milk. Diary waste water id highly degradable and bactacult Bioculture helps to improve the efficiency of biological system.

Bacta cult Diary helps in following ways. 1) Reduces high BOD and COD. 2) Helps to control high TDS and TSS. 3) Control high volatile fatty acids. 4) It also helps to degrade the high lactose, which takes part in biodegradation process. 4) Helps to control high ammonical nitrogen control. 5) Helps to improve acetogenesis and methanogenesis process. 6) Helps to improve efficiency of Biogas Generation. 7) Low Production of excess sludge