Bacta Cult – Paper and Pulp

Physical Properties
Appearance Off white colour
Odour Odourless
Moisture Content 7-8%
Mesh Size 0.5 mm

Performance properties
Self Life 2 years
Tempreature range 5-45 deg. C
Concentration Highly concentrated
Reactive rate 98% on addition to water


Waste water from paper and pulp industry includes lignin, cellulose, sizing, surfactants, fiborous solids and other wastes. Bacta cult paper and pulp biolculture contains combination of aerobic and faculatative anearobic mocroorganisms selected from nature for there abilities to breakdown the broad range of substances encountered in waste water of pulp and paper industry. Paper and pulp waste water often encounter difficulties in acheiving desired effulent. Varying operating conditions may cause malfunctions in systems.