Bacta Cult – Textile

Physical Properties
Appearance Off white colour
Odour Odourless
Moisture Content 7-8%
Mesh Size 0.5 mm

Performance properties
Self Life 2 years
Tempreature range 5-45 deg. C
Concentration Highly concentrated
Reactive rate 98% on addition to water


Bactacult bioculture Textile is an bio culture for Effluent treatment plants in Textile. This are specially blend of micro organisms that contains bacteria that degrade the organic load/impurity in waste water. This bacteria can operate over wide range of temperature. Bacta cult bacteria’s are available in powder form. These bacteria’s have ability to degrade the pollutants anaerobically. These microorganism are carefully grown and packed that helps to increase there shelf life to two years. Research over years and calculated formulation of perfectly grown bacteria’s can completely degrade the pollutants from textile anaerobically.

Bactacult culture should be used in specific way. Bluemaarlin supports its customer technically thought commissioning process. There are many advantages of using bactacult bioculture. 1) It provides continuous supply of highly anaerobic and faculative cultures which stabilizes system. 2) Its also helps in degrading oil and grease eliminating digester grease mats. 3) Bactacult anaerobic bacteria’s helps in effective start of anaerobic facility. 4) These bacteria also improves digester system recovery after operation and inhibitory upset. 5) Bactacult bio culture is effective over wide pH and temperature range. 6) These are Non toxic, non corrosive and safe to handle and store. 7) These biodegrade xenobatic compounds such as chlorinated alipathic hydrocarbons.