CPA – Hydranautics RO Membrane


Hydranautics CPA Membranes are best RO membranes for Brakish water application. With its square feet area in 365 and 400 sq m, CPA membrane have shown effective results for application of brakish water. This membranes are manufactured as spiral wound RO membranes with Composite Polyamide as its filtration material. It should be noted hat there are certain restriction above which the membrane might not perform. So its necessary to control following parameters. 1) Maximum chlorine concentration should not exceed 0.1 ppm. 2) Maximum operating temperature should not exceed 5 deg. cel. 3) Maximum Turbidity allowable in feed water less than 1 NTU 4) The Silt density Index should not go beyond 5 SDI.

It is recommended to use Hydranautics software for Ro projections to predict the pressure required and anti chemicals required. During Installation of Ro membranes it is necessary to note down the flow direction printed on the membrane. The RO membrane should be installed in the mentioned flow direction. Packing of RO membranes consists brine seal, Interconnector and Orings. Membranes are enclosed in a sealed polythene bag containing less than 1.0% SMBS solution.

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CPA 2 4040, CPA 5 LD 4040, CPA 2 8040, CPA 3 8040, CPA 5 LD 8040, CPA 5 MAX 8040