LLDPE Dosing Tanks


LLDPE and HDPE Dosing tanks are used in all types of dosing systems. Dosing tank price varies according to its capacity. Dosing Tank’s calculation, Dosing Tank’s Dimension, all these things are covered on the BlueMaarin’s website. Common running models are – 30LTR,60LTR,225LTR and 100 Litre Dosing Tank. Dosing Tank’s price also depends upon the agitator, so dosing tank with agitator is costlier than plain tank. It is also known as chemical dosing Tank. Few applications of the tank are – Antiscalent dosing Tank, NaOH Dosing Tank, NaOCl Dosing Tank, SMBS Dosing Tank, Regeneration Tanks (Softener, DM and MB)

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30 Liters, 60 Liters, 100 Liters, 225 Liters, 500 Liters