Multi Cartridge Housing

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Multi Cartridge Housing are used for Micron filtration of high flow capacity plants. Multi cartridge housing are available in UPVC and SS304. This are installed in RO plants before RO membranes and before UF membranes in UF plants. Capacity of Cartridge housing vary from 8m3/hr to 50 m3/hr. For higher flow we need to develop customized filter housing. The micron rating of cartridges used in Multi cartridge Housing vary from 1 micron to 50 micron. Micron Filtration is important process before RO. Good quality Micron filtration stops silt from passing further. All types of cartridge filters such as Spun Filters, Wound Filter and pleated filter are compatible with this kind of housing.

Manufacturing of SS304 Housing is described below. The thickness of shell has to be designed first according to the pressure and flow. The SS plate with selected thickness is bend in certain diameter. the diameter to which the plate is bend is derived through flow calculations and number of cartridges to be used. The water is entered from the outer circumference of cartridge and collects in the middle hollow portion of cartridge. The cartridge in housing is placed in such a way that the water in middle portion get settled in bottom part of housing. There is no way that the raw water mixes with pure water. The Filtered water collected in gets out through the oultet pipe.