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As our water treatment experts says that RO Membrane is most expensive and heart of any RO Plant. There is huge number of RO Membrane suppliers for reputed brands but it is very important to purchase it from that firm who not only provides technical help but also have the knowledge about the designing of RO Plant.
There are lots of types in RO Membrane like – Brackish Water RO Membrane, Sea Water RO Membrane, LOW Fouling RO Membrane, Hot Water RO Membrane. At a times when we have a requirement of RO Membrane for high Temperature application then we have to choose HOT Water RO Membranes which are mainly used in Pharma, Chemical, Agro, and Food Industries. DOW is one of the best and reputed brand in RO Membranes. Most running models of DOW for Brackish water are RO Membrane BW – 30 365, HS RO , BW 4040, BW 8040. RO Membrane DOW is now currently also known as Filmtec RO Membranes or DUPont RO Membranes. If you are looking for RO Membrane DUPONT dealer / RO Membrane DOW dealer or supplier who also has technical background then there is no better firm than BlueMaarlin. Needs RO Membrane DOW price or price for Hydranautics membrane then we are 24×7 available for you.