Sea Water Hydranautics RO Membrane


BlueMaarlin supplies Hydranautics sea water RO membranes at best rates. These at best quality membranes of its type. They perform at very low pressure compared to similar type sea water membranes. The automation and high end research and development had developed these to perform at low pressure and 99% rejection ratio. Hydranautics sea water RO membranes are available in 8″ Diamater and 40″length . They are available id different models viz. SWC5LD, SWC4LD, SWC MAX. These are to be used according to different water analysis and expectation of end results. Increase in desalination project have increased demand of seawater RO membranes. Hydranautics RO membranes are spiral wound and made of Composite Polyamide. The active surface area of membranes vary according to different model. The packaging of RO membranes is done in sealed polyethylene bag containing less than 1% sodium meta bisulfite solution and then packaged in cardboard box. The box contains Ro membranes with brine seal, interconnector and Orings.

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SWC5 LD 4040, SWC 5 MAX, SWC 5 LD