Tube Setter Media

Product type Tube settler media
Shape of tube Square
Size of Tube 55*55 mm
Angle of Tube 60
Thickness 1.0 mm to 1.2 mm
Working Tempreature 50 C


Tube settler media is used for settling of particles in settler. It is manufactured of PVC material thickness about 1 mm. It increase the settling efficiency of particles. Tube settler use multiple tubular sheets that are arranged in column vertically inclined at specific degree to horizontal surface. Usually the sheets are inclined at 60 degree, which through experiments have proved to be most efficient angle for settling.

Tube settling media is manufactured by drawing or by stamping process of PVC material. Over the years it has proven to be low cost high effect system for system. They also help in reducing the surface area required for settling. This media is installed in tube settling column inclined vertically. The waste water enters from the downside and rises up through the passage between the tube media. As the water rises up over the inclined surface, particles with high density settles down. The less friction of PVC media helps the denser particles to settle faster hence increasing in settling efficiency.

There are many advantages of using tube media. Tube settler media increases the efficiency of tube settlers. It decreases the surface area required for settling thus reducing the cost. It reduce cost as it has High ROI.